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Sophie Gollop is Co-founder and Compliance Director at FACTORYLUX, an employee co-owned UK lighting manufacturer. In 2018, Sophie took over the day-to-day management of the company. High on her agenda was centralising employee documents, reviewing contracts and policies and streamlining the admin that comes along with managing people. So she set about finding a system that could help.

Here’s Sophie:

“We had a go with the free trial of citrus HR’s software and absolutely loved it. The system was easy to use and exactly what we needed to help with day-to-day management.

Initially, I was just looking for HR software, but once I found out citrusHR’s Support Service could help us with our employment contracts and provide ongoing advice, with the software included, I went for that instead. We’ve found the combination of service and software to be invaluable. We get huge benefits from both and it’s made everything that much more seamless.

“When you’re dealing with people, any number of problems can come up at any time, so it’s great to know we can just pick up the phone to speak to someone for expert advice.”

The process of updating our contracts – working with the HR consultants and being able to review our contracts on the system – was really straightforward. And all the help and advice we’ve had from citrusHR’s consultants has been brilliant.

Get help with your HR

Take the stress out of HR with help from our friendly experts and easy to use HR software.

The software has also been so useful, too. Everything I might need to look up about my employees is in one place, it’s easy to see who has holiday coming up, and everyone can see how much annual leave they have left.

“It’s been brilliant. Really straightforward, really helpful.”

It’s absolutely changed our lives at work.”

You can find out more about FACTORYLUX at

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business with friendly HR support and easy to use HR software, give us a call on 0333 014 3888 or send us an email at We’d love to find out more about your business.

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Get help with your HR

Take the stress out of HR with help from our friendly experts and easy to use HR software.
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