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Anna Clark is CEO of Equation, a charity working to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence and to promote gender equality.

Following the resignation of the company’s lead admin, Anna was keen to explore what aspects of the role – which involved a significant amount of HR management – could be outsourced. She set out not really knowing what was available and fearing it might be incredibly costly. So she was pleasantly surprised to discover citrusHR.

Here’s Anna: “Like many charities, we’d previously muddled through with a mixture of advice from trustees with HR experience, the Acas helpline and some ad hoc consulting, but it meant there was no real consistency and I felt quite vulnerable as CEO in case we got anything wrong.

“The team are amazingly friendly. I’ve had to call quite a bit but at no point have they made me feel like a burden! They’ve consistently taken time to mentor me through my options and their implications.”

“Now, I know the names of all the advisors at citrusHR and I find that really reassuring. Everyone’s incredibly friendly and I always feel I’m given the time I need to talk through my questions and concerns. It never feels like I’m being hurried off the phone. Had I gone with a bigger company, I think the service would have felt far less personal.

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“The other providers that I spoke to also didn’t feel particularly geared up for smaller organisations and their software seemed far too complex for our needs. I found it challenging to understand exactly what was on offer and the pricing felt a little opaque. Everything about citrusHR, on the other hand, was straightforward and transparent.

“citrusHR was also the most reasonable. As a charity, the flexible, monthly rolling contract works particularly well for us. It’s difficult to see too far out in terms of funding, so I can never be too sure what we’ll be able to afford and whether we might have to reduce our staff. Knowing our fee will mirror our staffing levels instead of being tied in with a fixed fee is great

“We’ve saved time as well as so much money. Without citrusHR we’d have to employ an additional person, which would work out much more costly.”

“I’ve been really pleased. Everyone is finding the system really useful. It’s much easier to keep on top of leave bookings and the process around requesting holiday and booking time off for appointments is now clearer and much easier to follow consistently. My managers are finding the HR advice brilliant and I feel safer and more confident that we’re doing things correctly.”

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Get help with your HR

Take the stress out of HR with help from our friendly experts and easy to use HR software.
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