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Saving time with simple reporting
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David Moor is responsible for Business Administration at Citizens Advice & Rights Fife, a not-for-profit company with over 80 employees.

When managing and reporting on employee data started taking up considerable amounts of David’s time, he decided it was time to look for a solution.

Here’s David: “Before joining citrusHR we were using a range of different in-house systems, but they weren’t very joined up and it felt like things were falling through the cracks a little. It was hard to do any sort of reporting and took a huge amount of manual work to gather and process data. We also have a lot of different contracts for our staff, and trying to keep on top of all the variations in entitlements was becoming really time-consuming and complicated to manage.

“I had to do all our reporting manually before and it was so time-consuming. Now it’s a matter of minutes – the time saving is huge.”

Integration with Xero

“At the time of researching providers, our Finance Manager had just signed us up with Xero for their accounting software, so we were keen to find a solution that could integrate with them. We saw that citrusHR did, so tried a demo.

Finding the right fit

“The team at citrusHR were really helpful and accommodating when we were trialling the software and took time to understand what we needed. With the other providers we looked at, we struggled to find the right level of flexibility within the software to accommodate our needs. But with citrusHR, we were able to sign up in confidence knowing that the product was the right fit for us.

Time savings and peace of mind

“For me, the reporting functionality has been the most helpful. I had to do everything manually before and it was so time-consuming. Now it’s a matter of minutes – the time saving is huge. The ability to customise the reports and create bespoke data sets is also really valuable.

“Managing all our documents and contracts is now so much simpler too. And the software really helps with storing and removing data in line with GDPR – so that’s one less thing to have to worry about.

Get help with your HR

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User-friendly software makes roll-out easy

“The software is also very user-friendly which made it really easy to roll out across the organisation and get everyone using it to request holiday and absence. We didn’t have a lot of time to train staff on using the system, so it was really important to find a solution that was intuitive and easy for everyone to get to grips with.

Responsive customer support

“The customer support at citrusHR is excellent and very responsive. I always get the help I need, and if my request isn’t something that can be sorted right away, they’ll always get back to me with an answer quickly.

“We’re definitely feeling the benefits of using citrusHR compared to our old ways of doing things.”

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