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Veronica Hannon is the Founder and Director of Transform Communications, a PR and marketing firm that helps B2B businesses make a big impact. Looking for expert support for her HR admin and more, Veronica joined citrus HR in 2019.

When her business began to grow, Veronica was conscious that she needed to put a HR system in place with expert support, but had no idea about which form it should take. Since joining citrus HR, Transform Communications have benefitted greatly from the easy-to-use software, but above all the friendly and supportive approach to HR.

Here’s Veronica: “I have been growing the business organically for three or four years with four core people and a number of associates. While business growth has been great, I was aware there was a big shadow hanging over me. I knew I had to put some proper employment policies in place.

“I’d already spent hours downloading and reading templates from the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) website, but I still wasn’t certain that I was doing it properly, and the templated style had little reflection on me as a business owner. Plus there was so much paper involved!

“I then went to a seminar which laid out all of the legal requirements for businesses, such as the need for proper Health & Safety procedures when you have five or more employees.”

“I knew I needed to do something, I just didn’t know what.”

“I didn’t need an in-house HR consultant, and I thought HR services were mainly geared to big companies.

“After an online search, I found citrus HR and one other company who really played on my fears as a small business owner, giving me dire warnings about what could happen if I didn’t do everything right. That was the opposite of the kind of culture I wanted to foster in my own business.

Get help with your HR

Take the stress out of HR with help from our friendly experts and easy to use HR software.

“I went to a networking meeting and mentioned to someone that I was considering using citrus HR for my HR needs. They told me to do so, as they had personal experience with using them and were really impressed with the support they’d received.

“When I called up citrus HR, I was immediately struck by how calm their approach was in comparison to the other company. The consultants were all about finding the right balance for my business, and making certain it would work for me.

“Plus, the pricing structure was so clear and made total financial sense – I love how it’s both affordable and scalable, so it matches the size of my business.

“In terms of the technical side of things, the software is a fantastic enabler. It has helped to sort out so many systems we were struggling with, such as organising medical appointments, working from home, tracking absence and sick days. Before, we would book in holidays using spreadsheets and appointments. Now I can see clearly by using the calendar tool who is where and when.”

“It has allowed us to feel far more professional as a business.”

“I went for the full support package, which has given me access to a team of people who can clearly lay out my options, guide me and question me intelligently. Nothing has ever felt too stupid to ask, and I’ve always felt in total control.

“It’s so reassuring to know that I’ve got a team of proficient, capable people behind me and that anything I come up against can be dealt with. Being with citrus HR isn’t like dealing with an outsourced HR firm, it’s like walking down a corridor to have a cup of tea and a chat.”


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If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business with friendly HR support and easy to use HR software, give us a call on 0333 014 3888 or send us an email at We’d love to find out more about your business.

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Get help with your HR

Take the stress out of HR with help from our friendly experts and easy to use HR software.
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