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Craig Duncan is Company Director at Cross Keys Estates, an independent Estate Agency that wows its customers with tailored professional advice. Joining citrus HR in 2019, Craig was looking for 

Like many small businesses, Cross Keys struggled to keep HR top of mind, meaning their policies and contracts had grown dated and unfit for purpose. Craig went looking for a HR service who could bring the business up to date.

Here’s Craig: “We had a lot of old contracts which hadn’t been updated in ten years, and we didn’t have a proper structure in place for getting advice about HR issues.

“As a small business owner, it can sometimes feel like you’re in a bubble with no one to talk to. Then as your business gets bigger, you encounter more and more problems. I started to feel like I was no longer in control of everything.”

Proactive and personal

“I started searching online for HR help, as I didn’t really know what was out there. In my day to-day role I’m very busy, so I always want someone to get back to me quickly. Out of the three companies I approached, citrus HR was the only one to do that.

“Their approach wasn’t pushy or sales-y and felt very personal. I’d had experience with another HR service previously who’d just dumped a load of documents on me and left me to it, but citrus HR wasn’t like that. I also found their website very informative.”

“You can tell the advice is tailored to smaller companies.”

Time-saving and cost-effective

“All our employees have adapted really quickly to the software, and it saves me time in that they can make requests for holidays and mileage expenses themselves which I then just have to accept.

“The cost is great when compared to the functionality and the service provided.”

Get help with your HR

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Listening to feedback

“I made a suggestion about being able to accept multiple mileage requests at once, as previously I’d had to do them one by one and it took up lots of time. Within a month, the change had been implemented and now the process is much easier.

“The HR support has been a massive help, and the consultants are always patient and reply quickly. You can tell their advice is tailored to smaller companies, which gives it a more personal feel.

“I had some difficult decisions to make within the business, so I needed the confidence that I was doing the right thing, and I got that with citrus HR.”


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Get help with your HR

Take the stress out of HR with help from our friendly experts and easy to use HR software.
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