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Louise Rees is Business Support Consultant at telecommunications network auditors, Construction Site Services (CSS).

CSS were looking to source a new HR service provider but wanted to ensure they found a company that would provide a bespoke service with a friendly approach. Now with citrusHR, the company benefits from a strong working relationship and software that fits their business style and needs.

Here’s Louise: “My Director tasked me with finding a service tailored to smaller businesses that could offer a tailored approach for us. I used a site which compared different companies and filled out my contact details.

“Within an hour of me registering my interest, citrusHR had called me. They listened to my requirements, advised me of the services they could offer and put together a pricing proposal that made sense. In comparison, the other companies I contacted took several days to reply to my initial query.

“All our employees were onboarded to the system quickly and efficiently, and the consultants started clearing up all of the questions I had.”

Pulling all the strands of HR together

“At CSS we have multiple types of contracts for different types of staff, so it took a while to get them all correct, but it was great once they were all finalised and the citrusHR consultants were extremely understanding with all the changes we requested.

“Nothing has ever been too big or too small to ask.”

“The software is clear, easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin. Generally, people don’t like change, but there have been no complaints from our staff since this has been implemented.

Get help with your HR

Take the stress out of HR with help from our friendly experts and easy to use HR software.

“The citrusHR consultants are absolutely amazing – I never feel like I’m burdening them, even when I have multiple queries. They’re always friendly and there’s a sense of familiarity because I’ve got to know the team. There’s a personal touch which can often be lost with these types of services.

“From the first point of contact, nothing has ever been too big or too small for the citrusHR consultants. It’s essential that small businesses choose a HR service that does everything they need, and that’s exactly what citrusHR are doing for us.”

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