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Sarah Thomas is Office and Finance Manager at Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP), an organisation which runs education partnerships through a range of services for 450 schools across Birmingham.

When Sarah started at the company in 2017, it was still a relatively small operation, but they were looking after a huge group of schools. As the company expanded, she realised they needed to put some sort of HR system in place to free up valuable time.

“Even though we’re a small company, we don’t feel small when we talk to citrusHR.”

Here’s Sarah: “The company had absolutely nothing in place regarding HR when I arrived, and it was so difficult to track holidays, sickness absences and appointments. Most of our processes were being manually managed, so we didn’t have a central source of information.

“We were weighing up citrusHR and another more local company, but we decided to go with citrusHR because the software was easier to use, it was reasonably priced and it covered all our ongoing, day-to-day requirements. My initial conversation with the team was really helpful, and they covered everything I needed to know.

“Most members of the management team and I have used the HR consultants’ help at one time or another, and we even had a consultant support us at the office in our benchmarking, pay and grading process. This ensured that we were being fair and consistent which gave us peace of mind.

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“We’ve had so much help with drawing up employment contracts, including bespoke ones for term time and ‘term time plus’ working patterns.

“Whenever I raise an HR issue, I always get a prompt response. Some of the big benefits are that they are easy to contact, always try to deal with your queries promptly and are very open to feedback about the system which helps them to constantly improve things for customers.

“Even though we’re a relatively small company, we don’t feel like that when we talk to citrusHR. We feel like we’re being listened to.”


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