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Bamboo is a marketing and public relations agency that has helped B2B technology companies grow through simpler marketing for more than 20 years! We recently spoke to the Managing Director, Marco Fiori, where he explained how Bamboo’s passionate team frees marketers from their endless to-do lists, content overload and under-resourced campaigns.

“Bamboo hits the ground running, getting eyes on the technologies that its clients pioneer. Just tell our people your business objective, select from simple services – content marketing, digital marketing, social media, PR, events – and away you go.”

Bamboo’s overall goal is to ease their customers stress by providing the valued marketing resource required to achieve their business objectives – resulting in happier marketing managers, a more successful company and brand awareness for their clients.

While speaking with Marco, Bamboo PR’s team values and company culture shone through. It is apparent that Bamboo PR is a company built on empathy, care, and respect between co-workers – creating a strong foundation and allowing them to give their customers the best service possible.

Marco became the owner of Bamboo in 2022, after originally joining the company in 2009 as a newly graduated junior account executive. Despite being confident in managing a team, he admitted that being an employer and a leader was completely new to him and came with profound responsibility.

“I knew very little about HR at this point and felt I would need support for whatever challenges lay ahead.”

Taking to Google to find a solution to his HR needs, Marco tells us that he was partly aware of what this solution looked like to him when he began his search; he knew he needed trusted HR specialists to be on hand for advice, however, was pleasantly surprised to find that HR software could also benefit Bamboo.

“I knew I needed people who knew the practical elements of HR and the legal side of being an employer. There’s so much to know about HR; people can surprise you in many ways. On finding citrus HR, I realised that our HR processes could be enhanced by software too.”

After looking at several other options, Marco decided on citrus HR. He mentions that not only was it important to find a company that could deliver on what Bamboo needed, but also a group of people that would match Bamboo’s values and feel right culturally – and after hearing Marco explain that “long-term client value matters to Team Bamboo because when clients win, Bamboo wins.” – We couldn’t agree more on the fit!

When we asked Marco if there was a specific element of our service that works particularly well for Bamboo, he told us:

“I love how every member of the citrus HR team has their specialisms and how responsive everyone is. HR can be difficult and exhausting sometimes, and I feel citrus HR balances our business’s interests, our people’s wellbeing, and everything else involved, both carefully and fairly.”

He goes on to tell us that things he originally needed support with have become second nature and that he finds the telephone advice “invaluable”.

“We’d be lost without citrus HR. Our business is more efficient, our people are happier because our leaders are well supported, and there’s peace of mind knowing that whatever challenge we face citrus HR is there to help.”

Finally, we asked Marco if he would recommend us to other small businesses, to which we were very pleased with the response.

“Yes, I do to every business owner I meet.”

Thank you, Marco, for your wonderful insight into Bamboo and what we hope will be a lasting relationship between your company and citrus HR.

We love supporting small businesses like Marco’s by taking the hassle out of HR issues. If you’d like to see how we can support your small business, please get in touch with our friendly team today!

Email us at or call 0333 014 3888.


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