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This International Women’s Day (8th of March 2021) we decided to ask some of the amazing ladies at citrus HR for their long-term working from home tips.

March marks one year since our worlds were turned upside down by Covid-19, meaning that for most of us this month also marks one year of working from home.

Are you keeping to your good habits? Or letting the familiarity of it all take control?

I’m writing this from my sofa right now, so no judgment here!

This International Women’s Day we decided to speak to some of the lovely ladies on the team to discover how they manage long-term working from home. Hopefully their wisdom can help us stay productive and organised until we can return to the office.

1 – Communication is key

Remember to speak to people as you would normally around the kettle in the office. Create opportunities to chat and let off steam by socialising virtually and holding smaller team meetings to discuss workflows.

The given thing about being in an office is that you can quickly check in with people. But this small aspect of our lives is gone, and that’s had a massive impact on how individuals perceive how things are going. But when everyone communicates, this can be overcome.

Everyone should be encouraged to communicate clearly.

– Louise Slowgrove, Office Manager

2 – Keep in touch

Don’t be afraid to touch base with your colleagues throughout the day. Short catch-up calls can help your team spirit and give you the chance to talk over any issues instead of stewing with them on your own.

And remember to relish the benefits of working from home while looking ahead to the return to normal!

– Claire Dowling, HR Advisor

3 – Treat yourself well

My advice would be to treat every day as if you’re still going into the office. I try to keep to normal working times, dress in my work gear and take my lunch hour away from my desk.

– Sara Bridges, Client Engagement Specialist

4 – Move your body

Working from home means that you spend a lot of time not moving your body. So try to get outside and go for a short walk in your local park. And if you don’t have the time, take 10 minutes for a home workout. Even a small amount of exercise will help release a bunch of good endorphins, leading to decreased stress and helping you in the long term!

– Ellie McNeil, Digital Marketing and Growth Executive

5 – Stay away from distractions

If you can, try to separate your workspace from things that distract you. I learned early on that sitting in the kitchen with easy access to the snacks was not going to work for my productivity or my health!

– Alice Holborn, HR Project Manager (Software)

How we can help

Long-term working from home can be tough. If you want to give your team the best support, you can trust in our unlimited expert advice.

Why not give us a call on 0333 014 3888 or email to find out how we can help your business during this crisis.

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