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It’s never easy to deal with someone you feel is lying to you.

That’s close to what Lord Sugar found this week on The Apprentice, as he felt one of the candidates had tried to pull the wool over his eyes as part of the task. Needless to say they are now no longer part of the process.

What should you do if you feel one of your employees is lying to you though?

Get evidence first

As with many situations in employment, you need something to prove that the employee has deceived you. Perhaps the most common being sick leave that turned out to be a trip to a theme park (or somewhere else a person who’s ill wouldn’t really enjoy!)

When this happens, it’s important to get a statement from the person who may have seen the employee in question. If possible get them to put it in writing, it will help you prove the misdemeanour in the future. In some cases, employers who suspect repeated absence like this have even employed private investigators!

Discuss with your employee, and be fair

Once you have the evidence, now’s the time to discuss it with the member of staff. Get their side of the story, and if it doesn’t quite fit then you can formally investigate it as part of any further disciplinary.

It’s always important to give the ‘benefit of the doubt’ – have an informal chat before you go straight for the disciplinary.

Whether it’s absence, saying work was completed when it wasn’t, or even lying about criminal convictions the same rules apply.

However, make sure that you understand exactly how they were informed about their role and its requirements. You don’t want to be in a ‘grey area’ situation like The Apprentice last night!

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