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It’s been a long process, but finally we have a business partner for Lord Sugar.

If you haven’t yet seen it, we won’t ruin it (although we’re not sure how you could have missed the stories in the papers). However we felt now was a good opportunity to reflect on the series as a whole, and all the HR blunders we’ve witnessed during the process.

We’ve seen some new things this year, and it would only be right to go over how they’ve been handled by Lord Sugar and his team.

An HR Nightmare

First of all, we highlighted just what an HR nightmare the process would be if it were for a real job. Are two meetings and then a cab ride a short way to an unfair dismissal claim? Should Lord Sugar be demanding they get up and out the door at 6am? And finally, the candidates’ attitudes and behaviour leave a lot to be desired…

A series of unexpected events…

In the second week (or third, the two episodes in one week threw us a little!) there was a first for The Apprentice that no one saw coming. One of the candidates quit.

It was quite unexpected, as it might be for any employer. Luckily, if you find yourself in this situation we have just the tips you need right here.

Yet more drama occurred the next week, with Lord Sugar sacking everyone in the boardroom. Desperate times…

However, going back to our initial blog, we wanted to think about whether it would be reasonable for Lord Sugar to in fact do this in a real employment situation. We’ll give you a clue… he didn’t do well.

Some ordinary, and some not so ordinary HR issues

In the following weeks, we looked at anything from poor performance to interview techniques (something we revisited just last week as well). Needless to say the way in which the show handles many HR processes leaves a lot to be desired.

Whilst it’s a TV show the verbal bashing that some of the candidates received, despite their often pitifully poor performance, was not really warranted. It was good entertainment though, wasn’t it?

One thing that was slightly different from the norm was regarding the ‘deception’ in the eighth week of our blogging. What should you do when employees lie or deceive you? It’s a tricky one, but the main aim is to be fair about it and don’t fly off the handle – even if you have all the evidence (and even if that evidence is a paper skeleton)!

Anyway, best of luck to Lord Sugar’s new business partner Mark! We’re sure that, as an employer, he will soon be encountering some of the same issues that we have highlighted over the course of the series. Here’s hoping he doesn’t take after Lord Sugar in the HR stakes!