B Corp certification support

B Corp certification support

Our team of HR professionals can support you through the time-consuming B Corp certification process, making sure you get it right.

B Corp certification support

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What is a B Corp?

A B Corp certification can be a great way to indicate to employees and customers that you care about your social and environmental performance. More and more consumers and companies want to buy from B corps, therefore we are seeing lots more of our own customers wanting to become certified B corps. But getting certifies can take a lot of work and we recommend seeking specialist support, including HR support. Want to know more? Click here.

Certified B-Corporations have to go through a rigorous process to show that they are contributing to both the economic and social wellbeing of the community. This means you’ll need to gather a lot of evidence, you’ll need to review your suppliers, etc. Having been through this before with lots of customer our team of HR experts have the experience and approach you’ll need to help you with all your employment evidence you need to meet B Corp standard.

The B Corp application process

B Corp certification involves a deep look into how you support your employees. Some of the main areas of focus for your people are:

  • Employee compensation
  • Benefits
  • Training and ownership opportunities
  • Working communication
  • Job flexibility
  • Worker health, safety practices
  • Overall work conditions

Our team of HR experts know this area inside out, it’s what we do. We’ll be able offer you advice on which areas of your business will be examined, this could be anything from onboarding to training, from employee performance to health and safety. It could even be utilising your staff surveys to understand your employee engagement. You’ll also need to provide information about your equality, diversity and inclusion measures (EDI) – an area where HR expertise can be essential.

Whatever the area is, can help you understand where your business is currently at  can make the improvements that will get you closer to your certificate.

Customer Testimonial

We’ve got a number of customers that have become B-corps and we are always happy to help customers do this. One of our wonderful customers, Service Robotics, have provided us with some B Corp feedback:

 Which part of the B Corp process did citrus HR help you with?

“The citrus HR service allowed Service Robotics to rapidly implement an inclusive,  and fair system for employee onboarding and management. The B Corp process is invaluable in setting the right direction and parameters for a new business and citrus is a good complement to this process.”

Would you recommend citrus HR for companies looking to get a B corp? Why?

“Yes, given the attention to inclusivity, transparency and fair treatment of employees and employers, this is a useful tool for new companies setting up staff structures that will age well. The citrus HR staff are responsive and knowledgeable.”

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