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citrusHR provides friendly, expert HR support and time-saving online HR software to UK businesses. Our mission is to make it simple,  stress-free and cost-effective for you to manage your people and reach your true potential.

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500+ UK businesses choose citrusHR's friendly, flexible approach

How can we help you?

  • Expert HR Advice
  • Powerful HR Software

Expert HR Support

I need friendly, knowledgeable HR experts to review and update my employment contracts and policies, and to provide ongoing HR advice.

What’s included?

  • Employment contracts tailored to your business’ needs
  • Policies / staff handbook for your team
  • Unlimited, expert HR advice whenever you need it
  • Useful management guides and legal updates
  • Health & Safety compliance 
  • Navigate tricky disciplinary issues
  • Manage sickness and absences effectively
  • Carry out redundancy processes
  • Avoid costly employment tribunals

Provided by a team of friendly, understanding people who value you and your business.

Plus, our HR software comes free with your monthly subscription!

Powerful HR Software

I need online HR software that will make my day to day HR admin quick, easy and secure.

What’s included?

  • Onboard new staff seamlessly
  • Manage holidays, absences and time off in lieu
  • Make payroll and expenses faster and more accurate
  • Safeguard your employees’ data
  • Streamline training and appraisals
  • Make better decisions with powerful reports

And much, much more…

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Work-related stress is a pressing issue for employers today. Work-related stress, anxiety and depression now account for more than half of work absences in Great Britain. And two-fifths of organisations have reported that stress-related absence has increased in the...

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Managing sickness absence

Periods of employee absence are inevitable, but they can be disruptive and expensive, especially for small businesses where each individual makes up a significant proportion of the entire workforce. In an effort to keep disruption to a minimum in the short term, you...

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How to use restrictive covenants in employment contracts

Restrictive Covenants are clauses in employment contracts that help prevent employees from taking unfair advantage of their employers when they leave. This could include joining a competitor or starting up in competition to their previous employer within a few months...

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