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Suzanne Jones

HR Consultant

hr consultant

Why I do my Job

I love the unique variety of situations and challenges that can come your way each day. It is hugely rewarding to work with business leaders and owners to help solve their tricky problems and grow their businesses at the same time. Hiring the right talent is a particular love of mine and then going on to see those people achieve great personal and business success is even better. Having travelled a lot for HR roles previously, it’s great to have settled in Bath – a place with so many great small businesses right on my doorstep, or just a short walk away!

My funniest HR experience

My most comical HR experience was also one of my most horrific! I used to work for a large American business and every January you had to prepare for a very serious meeting with the CEO to share performance information about your employees. As expected, I worked very late the evening before finishing off highly confidential graphs and data. Having been so engrossed in my work I had failed to take note of the storm brewing outside. On leaving the building, a particularly evil gust of wind lifted the folder out of my hands and the contents escaped into the blustery night heading towards the M5. So with my heart pounding madly I took off after my notes, crawling under cars and scrambling over thorny hedges. Luckily every last page was retrieved, and all I suffered was a ripped pair of expensive trousers.

What keeps me going when things get tough

I have always been lucky enough to work with some great and funny people. From experience, HR people in particular can have a very wicked and dry sense of humour! Planning holidays and treats for my family can also be a fruitful source of distraction. Failing all else, I reach for my trainers and head out for a run with my favorite tunes encouraging me along.
I have been working with Suzanne over the last two years, she is a freelance HR consultant for our Lean consultancy business. Suzanne is a great asset to our team, her main activities have been running several extensive and successful recruitment campaigns for operational excellence consultants and offering sage impartial HR advise when we have dealt with more complex internal HR issues. She shows great commitment and flexibility to Suiko which suits the size and stage of our business perfectly.

Ang Close, Suiko Consultants