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Why I Do My Job

I’m passionate about the world of small businesses, I grew up in one (it’s in my blood!), so despite spending  nearly 10 years in the corporate world, my decision in 2009 to ‘jump ship’ into the scary world of business start ups was a risk I always wanted to take.  Five years on and no regrets, I get huge satisfaction from helping business owners get the best from their staff and making tough decisions a little easier.  Working with people is unpredictable, no two days are the same, this along side working with so many diverse and fascinating companies has made the last 5 years of running a business fly by.  

My Funniest HR Experience

The main one that springs to mind  is not  really for the world wide web, so I’ll go back to my first proper job working in a major bank’s call centre at age 18. I was then mortified that my heavily pregnant colleague’s waters broke right in front of my eyes – put me off baby making for over a decade!  

What keeps me going when things get tough

My good friend and business partner keeps me sane when the unimaginable happens – something that’s carried through since our uni days!  My little 3 year old boy makes me laugh every day, and my husband is the most amazing cook, good food and wine is always important!  I find a fast game of tennis, or swim is a great tension release and if a rare opportunity arises when no one is around, I’ll knock out a few tunes on the piano (Les Dawson style!).
I have used the services of Georgina and her colleagues at Citrus HR for over 4 years. I have had excellent advice on various issues including recruitment, annual appraisals, staff discipline and staff performance.

Jonathan Moffitt, Auditel (UK) Ltd

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