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Manage Expenses

Your staff will love you for taking the time and hassle out of expenses for them, and our expenses system makes it an easy and transparent process for everyone.

Recording expenses accurately and on time is often a major hassle for staff. Signing off incomplete expense claims can be a nightmare for managers and the whole process when handles manually can cause all sorts of friction in the office.

CitrusHR’s built in expenses system aims to minimise all this hassle for everyone involved.

Your employees can enter the details of their expenses, including adding digital copies of their receipts that they can send to their manager for approval at the touch of a button. Expenses can be allocated to projects and clients in the same way that time can via our time-tracking timesheets function.

The system stores a record of all expense claims so each one is kept securely for complete transparency between staff member and manager.

Do you find holiday requests and absence recording a pain? So do most people. We can help.

Our custom built HR software shows you who’s off sick, on holiday or working away from the office on any date, so you can quickly approve (or reject) time off requests from staff. As well as the weekly view on your dashboard you can see a month at a time on our Calendar screen.

Our software will work out how much holiday each of your staff get, even if they work part time or are on flexible hours. And it will keep track of how much time everyone has taken off.

And if you want you can give your staff access, too, so they can see how many days’ holiday they have left and can apply for time off online—no more time wasted looking up spreadsheets or printing out holiday forms!

Our software even shows you if one of your team is off on maternity or paternity leave, working from home or is on a training course. This is particularly helpful for companies with people working at more than one location, too, so you can instantly see who should be in on a particular day.

Our friendly HR software makes it easy for you to carry days over to the next holiday year if you need to, or to add days off to staff in lieu of being paid for overtime.

This is HR self-service at its best, saving you time to focus on running your small business- or even to let you take some time off, too. Unlike other providers who offer expenses apps the cost of this feature is included in your monthly fee.

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